Diabetes Nutritionist

Beth Polo Beckel RD, LD, CDE, Nutritionist

Diabetes is a chronic disease. Being chronic it needs constant care, treatment and attention. When such care, treatment and attention are not available, diabetes leads to complications, many of which can be quite serious. All in all, coping with diabetes or caring for a diabetes patient is a full-time job that needs awareness, resources, education and most importantly – a diabetes clinician.

A diabetes clinician is a certified diabetes healthcare professional specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with diabetes or pre-diabetes patients. He or she has extensive diabetes education and is able to guide the patient and the family in coping with diabetes and helping those lead productive lives. Diabetes clinicians become more important in sensitive cases: pregnancy with diabetes, children with diabetes or diabetes in the elderly. In cases where diabetes runs in the family, a diabetes clinician can ensure your children are diagnosed as soon as symptoms appear.

For families coping with diabetes a dedicated clinician can prove to be a blessing. A clinician will help them:

  • Find doctors, hospitals, diabetes centers and support groups in the area
  • Answer questions and resolve doubts
  • Provide access to diabetes education material and diabetes programs and websites
  • Help make lifestyle changes
  • Help find available products and services
  • Provide care and treatment for any other health problems or conditions that arise as a result of diabetes

Being part of a program that gains you access to diabetes professionals is one of the best ways to help you and your family deal with this disease. Diabetes is not to be taken lightly and neither should it be allowed to take all the fun out of your life. A diabetes clinician will help you find the right balance.